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Telangana statehood process has now been officially completed with the Government of India publishing the AP State Reorganization Act in The Gazette of India. The Telangana Gazette is a public journal and an authorized legal document of the Government of Telangana, and is printed and published by the department of Commissionerate of Printing’. As a public journal, the Gazette prints official notices from the government departments. It is authentic in content, accurate and strictly in accordance with the Government policies and decisions. The Gazette published by Government of Telangana can be broadly classified in two categories based on the urgency to dispatch.

Weekly Gazettes

These Gazettes are published on routine basis. Government department send Gazette notification with a covering letter. The notifications received up to Wednesday are published as weekly Gazettes and are dispatched to the concerned departments.

Extraordinary Gazettes

Notifications of certain departments such as election department are considered at high priority and published immediately without delay as extraordinary gazettes. These gazettes can be further categorized into 8 types based on the nature of notification, size of paper, urgency and issuing department.

About Telangana e Gazette

Telangana e-Gazette is the digital directory of all the Gazettes published in the State of Telangana. Printing section of the Commissionerate of printing will upload the digital copies of the Gazettes in the website. The issue number and job number are generated automatically through the system, when Gazettes are uploaded. MIS reports such as Department-wise gazettes, District-wise gazettes, Month-wise Gazettes and Year-wise Gazettes can be generated.

Telangana e-Gazette is a Web based Application and can be accessed from anywhere  using internet connection. The system has services to upload digital copies of the gazettes and the same will be made available in the website for download for everyone. The services will be shown in the main menu and are basically divided under three categories as detailed below:

  1. Masters: The information such as Department names, Issuing Authority, starting numbers to initiate the system etc. are treated as master data. Master data is a one-time entry data in the system and this data will be displayed as data for selection to the users.
  2. Inputs: User will be provided with the input services based on the role.
  3. Reports: Reports are provided for tracking the gazettes published. Reports such as Gazette Repository,
  4. Year-wise, Month-wise, department-wise gazettes etc. are provided.


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