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Meeseva Services

“Meeseva” in Telugu means, ‘At your service’, i.e. service to citizens. It is a good governance initiative that for the entire range of G2C& G2B services. The objective of MeeSeva is to provide smart, citizen-centric, ethical, efficient, and effective governance facilitated by technology.

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The initiative involves universal and non-discriminatory delivery of all government services to citizens & Businessmen of all strata and improved efficiency, transparency, and accountability for the government. The initiative features a transformed government-citizen interface at all levels of administration along with a shared governance model.

The Project brings in a digital PKI-enabled integrated architecture through multiple service delivery points by fusing in the various pre-existing state initiatives with the Mission- mode Projects like State Data Center (SDC), State Wide Area Networks (SWAN), and Common Service Centers (CSCs) of the National eGovernance  Plan (NeGP) of Government of India

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