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Industries and Commerce

The Industries & Commerce Department is under control of General Administration Department, Government of Telangana, Secretariat, Hyderabad. This Department is looking after the Sections like Mines, Handlooms & Textiles, Industrial Establishment – Sugar Industries & Commerce, Export & Promotion, INF & IP (Infrastructure & Industrial Promotion), MSME-FP- Biotech, Vigilance & IFR & Miscellaneous.

For more information about Department Profile, HODs and Organization Chart go through the tabs below.​

Sri Duddilla Sridhar Babu


The Hon’ble Industry Minister

NameSri Duddilla Sridhar Babu
Contact numbers040-23453233, 23450455
Email Id

Organizations and Contacts

Note: As per the AP Reorganization Act, 2014, certain institutions serve both the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh till they are bifurcated. The below listed organizations and institutions should be seen in that light.​

Special Chief SecretarySri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, 23452985, 9848148485, Fax: 23220550 3rd Floor, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Telangana State Secretariat
Prl. Secretary (Mines & Geology)Sri Benhur Mahesh Dutt Ekka, IAS
Prl. Secretary (Handlooms, Textiles & Handicrafts, Industries & Commerce)Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS040-23221684, 23221685
Secretary to Government (Mines & Geology)Sri K. Surendra Mohan, IAS040-23454449
Special Secretary (Investment Promotion & NRI Affairs)Dr. E. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, IFS
Deputy SecretarySri A.V.N. Ramesh Kumar
Commissionerate of Industries
Director Fax: 23441611
Addl. DirectorSri Rajkumar Ohatker040-23441626, Fax: 23440611
Jt. Director (Planning)Sri Madhukar Babhu, Fax: 23441611
Jt. Director (GA) (I/C)Sri MA. Khaleel Fax: 23441611
Jt. Director (MSME)Sri Madhukar Babhu9640990222 Fax: 23441611
Jt. Director (INF & FP)Sri Madhukar Babhu, Fax: 23441611
Jt. Director (Incentives) & Special Officer (IIPC)Sri S. Suresh
Commissioner of Sugar and Cane Commissioner
Director (Sugar)& Commissioner (Cane)Sri Bhadru Maloth, ITS commissioner_sugar.telangana@hotmail.com040-23244293, Fax: 23244292
Commissioner of Handlooms & Textiles
Director (FAC)Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS040-23221684, 9848999784 Fax: 23221685
Director of Mines and Geology Dept.
Director Sri Susheel Kumar040-23221766, Fax: 23221765
Jt. DirectorSri M. Venkateshwarlu9440817786
Telangana Mineral Development Corporation
ChairmanSri Anil Eravath tsmdcltd@gmail.com040-23323150, 23312820
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director (FAC)Sri Benhur Mahesh Dutt Ekka, IAS040-23393156 Fax: 23373155
G.M. (CLA)Sri Prashanth040-23397673, 23304947
G.M. (Mining)Sri K. Rajashekar Reddy9490167234
Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director and Executive Director (FAC)Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS,
Telangana Industrial Development Corporation
ChairmanSri T. Nirmala Jagga Reddy040-23235355 Fax: 23235516
Telangana Leather Ind. Dev. Corporation
Vice-Chairman & Managing DirectorSri Srinivas Naik vcmdtslipc@gmail.com040-23568976, 23568977 9133409333
General Manager & Manager (P & A)Sri K. Krishna040-23561886 9000454619 Fax: 23568977
Telangana Handicrafts Dev. Corporation
ChairmanSri Naidu Satyanarayana040-65227172, 040-27610895, Fax: 27619560
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director (FAC)Smt. Shailaja Ramaiyer, IAS040-65227172, 040-27610895, Fax: 27619560
Telangana Khadi & Village Industries Board
Joint Chief Executive OfficerSri E. Satyanarayana tskvib2015@gmail.com040-23319272, 9849541628 Fax: 23397253
Telangana Handloom Weavers Co-operative Society Ltd.
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director, 040-2220571 Fax: 23220578
General Manager (Admn), JD (H&T)Sri P. Yadagiri040-23220571 Fax: 23220578
General Manager (Fin), DR (Co-op)Sri R. Sheshanjan040-23220571 Fax: 23220578
Telangana Trade Promotion Corporation Ltd.
ChairmanSri Aitha Prakash Reddy040-23237592, 9908185373
Jt. Managing Director jmd@tstpc.org040-29557947
General ManagerSri. K Venu Madhav040-23237591, 9959666303
Telangana Handloom Development Corporation
State Financial Corporation (Telangana Division)
Joint Managing DirectorSmt. P. Katyayani Devi, IAS
Executive DirectorSri M. Srinivas, exec-dir@tgsfc.in040-23205991
The Nizam Sugars Limited
Managing DirectorDr. G. Malsur nizamsugas@gmail.com040-23244293
General Manager (Finance)Sri K. Ramesh Babu nizamsugars@gmail.com040-23237386, 23237387

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