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Sri C. P. Radhakrishnan

The Hon’ble Governor

Date of BirthMay 04, 1957
SpouseSmt. R. Sumathi
EducationB.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Office040-23310521; Fax: 040-23311260

Positions Held

1974State Executive Member, Bharatiya Jana Sangh
1996Secretary, BJP, Tamil Nadu
1998Member of Parliament from Coimbatore
1999Member of Parliament from Coimbatore
  • Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee for Textiles.
  • Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)
  1. Member of Parliamentary Consultative Committee for Finance.
  2. 2004 Member of Parliamentary delegation to UN and addressed UN General Assembly.
  3. Member of the 1st Parliamentary delegation to Taiwan.
2004-2007BJP State President, Tamil Nadu.
    • As the Tamil Nadu BJP State President, took a ‘Ratha Yatra’ of 19000 kms for 93 consecutive days with 5-point programme.
      1. For Linking of all Indian Rivers.
      2. Terrorism should be rooted out from Mother Bharath.
      3. Common Civil Law for everyone.
      4. Eradication of untouchability.
      5. Eradication of Narcotic drugs.
    • As the Tamil Nadu BJP State President, led a ‘Patha yatra’ of 280 Kms from Madurai to Kambam for 14 days to raise the water level to its original 152 feet in Mullai Periyar Dam.
    • As the Tamil Nadu BJP State President led another ‘Patha Yatra’ of 230 Kms from Gudiyatham Tamil Nadu to Kuppam Andhra Pradesh for 11 days to save ‘Palar’ River.
2020-2022All India in charge of BJP, Kerala. (Prabhari)
2023Govenor of Jharkhand

Extra Activities

    • Interested in Sports especially Table Tennis, Cricket & Volley Ball.
    • College Champion of Table Tennis, long runner in Athletics.
  1. Doing research on Political Science and doing a Doctorate on the Topic Fall of Communism

Government Position held

  • Appointed as Chairman, Coir Board, Kochi under MSME, Government of India, from 27th January 2016 for a Period of three Years. During this tenure Coir Export from India reached the all-time high of Rs 2532 crores. The period of appointment was further extended for another period of one year as special extension.
  • Appointed as Governor of Jharkhand with effect from 18th Feb, 2023.
  • Assumed the charge as Governor of Telangana on 20.03.2024.

Countries Visited

  1. U.S.A
  2. U.K.
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Spain
  7. Portugal
  8. Norway
  9. Denmark
  10. Sweden
  11. Finland
  12. Belgium
  13. Holland
  14. Turkey
  15. China
  16. Malaysia
  17. Singapore
  18. Taiwan
  19. Thailand
  20. Egypt
  21. U.A.E
  22. Bangladesh
  23. Indonesia
  24. Japan

Email ID: rajbhavan-hyd[at]gov[dot]in

For Hon’ble Governor’s appointment, please email to: adc-rbhyd[at]gov[dot]in

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