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Irrigation and CAD

The formation of new state of Telangana on 2nd June, 2014 is a long cherished desire ​of people of Telangana and is a achievement owing to the historical struggles & sacrifices of the people of Telangana. In the process of achieving Golden Telangana it is our duty and responsibility to harness and utilize all the available water resources for the benefits of farming sector, industrial development and providing drinking water for overall development of Telangana. In this task, Irrigation department will have a pivotal role in implementing the schemes effectively by completing the ongoing projects and planning for implementing new schemes as per our requirements.

For more information about Department Profile, HODs and Organization Chart go through the tabs below.​​

Sri Uttam Kumar Reddy

Sri Nalamada Uttam Kumar Reddy

The Hon’ble Irrigation and CAD Minister

NameSri Nalamada Uttam Kumar Reddy

Organizations and Contacts

Note: As per the AP Reorganization Act, 2014, certain institutions serve both the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh till they are bifurcated. The below listed organizations and institu​tions should be seen in that light.​

Secretary to GovernmentSri Rahul Bojja, IAS
Special Secretary to GovernmentSri Patil Prashant Jeevan, IAS040-23450606
Jt. Secretary (FAC) (Tech. & Dy. Secy.) (Projects wing)Sri Bheem Prasad040-23450437, 040-23750188
Dy. Secretary (Projects wing)040-23456819
Examiner (Projects wing)
Advisor on Lift Irrigation ProjectsSri K. Penta Reddy​040-23312052, 9848740371
Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation)
ENC (Irrigation)Sri C. Muralidhar, 040-65653328, 9440907000, Fax: 23323203
Dy. Chief Engineer-I (DCGB)Sri Mohammad Ajmal Khan dceonemajor@gmail.com9949993267
Dy. Chief Engineer-IV (DCKB)Sri J. Vijay Bhaskar dceivenci@gmail.com9000991700
Telangana State Irrigation Development Corporation Limited
ChairmanSri M. Vijaya Babu
Central Designs Organization
Chief EngineerSri T. Srinivas cecdotg@gmail.com040-23390777, 9177890781
Superintending Engineer -1Sri C. Srinivas cecdotg@gmail.com040-23390866, 9391017560
Superintending Engineer -2Sri M. Satyanarayana cecdotg@gmail.com040-23390868, 9989433872
Commissionerate of Tenders
Engineer-in-Chief (AW), I&CADD & Chairman/Commr.Sri G. Muralidhar commissionertelangana@gmail.com040-23373565, 7702388805
Exe. EngineerSri P. Ramesh Kumar040-23373565, 7702499511
Telangana Engineering Research Labs.
Director GeneralSri L. Narayan Reddy ceaperl54@gmail.com040-20020113 9490410770
Jt. Director (A/C)Sri P. Shyam Sunder040-20020057 9440801071
Water and Land Management, Training and Research Institute
Director GeneralSri Z. Srinivasa Rao dg.walamtari@gmail.com040-24006201 7032901535
Director (Eng. & Adm.)Sri C.V. Nagender040-24006203 9949441326
Director (Agri. & Res.)Dr. B. Krishna Rao040-24006204 9574715074
Exe. Engineer (Hydraulics)Sri G. Ganeswar Reddy040-24006207 9440435789
Exe. Engineer (O & M)Sri P. Ravindra Reddy040-24006206 9866661316
Exe. Engineer (Admn.Off)Sri M. Nageswar Rao040-24006205 756903999
Engineer-In-Chief (Administration)
Engineer-In-Chief (Admn. Wing)Sri G. Anil Kumar encawtg@gmail.com040-23390411, 9100973700, Fax: 23390744
Deputy Engineer-In-Chief (Admin. Wing) (FAC)Ms. M. Anitha encawtg@gmail.com040-23322454 , 9000901020
Exe. Engineer (Vig.)Ms. M. Sharada encawtg@gmail.com040-23322454 , 9848688038
Exe. Engineer (Admin)Sri K.R. Chander Rao encawtg@gmail.com8008500239
Exe. Engineer (Legal Cell)Sri K. Ramacharyulu encawtglegalcell@gmail.com9704501755
Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation Wing)
Engineer-in-Chief (I.W)Sri C. Muralidhar enciwtg@gmail.com040-23390411 7702388805 Fax: 23390744
S.E. (PMU)Sri Srinivas encirrigation_pmu@yahoo.com040-23302245 9059081222
Exe. EngineerSri S. Gnana Prasada Rao enciwtg@gmail.com040-23310527 709604988
Hyderabad Lakes & Water Bodies Management Circle
S.E.Sri G. Shankar Naik hlwbm2004@yahoo.com040-27536105 9849014759
Chief Engineer (Nagarjuna Sagar Project)
Chief EngineerSri Srikanth Rao censproject@gmail.com9000953372
Deputy C.E.Sri Prabhu Kalyan8019216796
Chief Engineer (Sreeram Sagar Project)
Administrator-cum-Chief EngineerSri B. Shankar acesrsplmd@gmail.com0878-2223344 9959091541 Fax: 0878-2223003
Deputy Chief EngineerSri S. Kumaraswamy0878-2223344 8332999869 Fax: 0878-2223003
Commissioner P & D of Godavari Basin, Hyderabad
Commissioner– Fax: 23376105
Dy. Chief Engineer (T)Ms. K. Vidyavathi0878-23376105 9491060582
Water Sector Improvement Project (PPMU)
Advisor to Government040-23314738 Fax: 9490694577
Engineer-In-Chief (Projects) Karimnagar
Engineer-In-ChiefSri G. Anil Kumar0878-2223119 9100973700 Fax: 0878-2223121
Dy. Chief EngineerSri Radha Krishna0878-2223119 9100973699​

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