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Content Contribution, Moderation, & Approval Policy (CMAP)

Content Contribution, Moderation & Approval Policy (clause 5.2.1)

Policy Statement for 2-tiered CMAP structure (for small websites) The of represents a single department where most content is contributed by a single set of sources. We hereby adopt a 2-tiered structure to implement CMAP requiring minimum 2 officials to execute the CMAP roles, viz.,

  • Contributor
  • Moderator/Approver
Template to implement 2-tiered CMAP structure for small websites
ContributorModerator & Approver
Home page  
News, Press Releases, Recruitments, Tenders etc  
Who’s Who, Organization Chart, Circulars/Notifications Admin / Personnel Deptt HOD Admin / Personnel 
Acts, Documents, Forms, Reports etc  
Policy Statement for 3-tiered CMAP structure (for large websites)

The of represents multiple divisions/departments. We hereby adopt a 3-tiered structure to implement CMAP needing minimum 3 officials to execute the CMAP roles, viz.

  • Contributor
  • Moderator
  • Approver
Template to implement 3-tiered CMAP structure for large websites
Home & common sections e.g., FAQs, Help etc   
Who’s Who, Organization Chart, Circulars / Notifications Admin / Personnel Deptt Admin / Personnel Deptt HOD Web Information Manager
section 2: Department1Personnel Deptt-1 Deptt HOD Web Information Manager
section 3: Department 2Personnel Deptt-2  


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