Cropping Intensity

Cropping intensity is one of the indices for assessing the efficiency of agriculture sector. The cropping intensity i.e. the ratio of Gross Area Sown to Net Area Sown during 2011-12 is 1.16. The level of cropping intensity moves in consonance with the behaviour of the monsoon and availability of irrigation water.



Land Holdings

Agriculture production depends, to a considerable extent, upon the size of the unit of cultivation. According to the census, the average size of land holding per farmer in the state during 2010-11 is at 1.12 hectares and the same is likely to fall below due to further fragmentation of the farm holdings, since more than 70 % of rural population is dependent on Agriculture only.

The total numbers of operational holdings in the State are 55.54 lakhs covering an area of 61.97 lakh hectares. The Number of operational holdings belonging to various categories   and the land operated by them (2010-11) is indicated below:

S. No.CategoryUnitValue
1.Total Geographical AreaLakh Ha114.84
2.Gross Cropped AreaLakh Ha56.90
3.Net Cropped AreaLakh Ha46.54
4.Gross Irrigated AreaLakh Ha25.57
5.Net Irrigated AreaLakh Ha17.74
6.Average Farm Holding SizeHa1.12
7.Average Annual Rainfall


8.Cropping Intensity  %1.24
9.Irrigation Intensity  %1.44
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