The total geographical area of the state is 114.84 lakh hectares, out of the total geographical area 40.5 per cent is under net area sown, 23.9 per cent is under forests, 10.5 per cent is under current fallow lands, 7.7 per cent is under non-agricultural uses and 5.4 per cent is under barren land uncultivable land. The land utilization particulars during the year 2012-13 are given below.

S. No.CategoryArea in Lakh ha.% to Total Geographical Area
1.Total Geographical Area114.84100.0
3. Barren and un cultivable land6.165.36
4.Land put to non-agril.uses8.867.71
5.Cultivable Waste1.731.51
6.Permanent pastures and other grazing lands3.032.64

Land under Misc. tree crops, Groves not included

in Net area sown

8.Other fallow lands7.926.9
9.Current fallow lands12.0310.47
10.Net & Area sown46.54


(source DES)

Agriculture Profile
S. No.CategoryUnitValue
1.Total Geographical AreaLakh Ha114.84
2.Gross Cropped AreaLakh Ha56.90
3. Net Cropped AreaLakh Ha46.54
4.Gross Irrigated AreaLakh Ha25.57
5.Net Irrigated AreaLakh Ha17.74
6.Average Farm Holding SizeHa1.12
7.Average Annual Rainfallmm906.80
8.Cropping Intensity  %1.24
9.Irrigation Intensity  %1.44
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