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Environment, Forests, Science and Technology

The Department primarily deals with proposals relating to forest lands, mining leases, encroachments on forest lands, forest Conservation Act 1980, use of forest land for non-forest purposes, soil conservation Issues relating to Podu cultivation, forest settlement, forest survey and mapping Protection of forests and related notifications.

For more information about Department Profile, HODs and Organization Chart go through the tabs below.

Smt. Konda Surekha

Smt. Konda Surekha

The Hon’ble Forests & Environment and Science & Technology Minister

NameSmt. Konda Surekha
Contact numbers

Organizations and Contacts

Note: As per the AP Reorganization Act, 2014, certain institutions serve both the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh till they are bifurcated. The below listed organizations and institutions should be seen in that light.​

Prl. Secreta​​ry (Environment, Forests, Science & Technology) Smt. A. Vani Prasad, IAS, Fax: 23451440
Spl. Chief Secretary (FAC) Environment, Science & Technology, Fax: 23451440
Special Secretary (I/C)Sri Swargam Srinivas, IFS040-23450922, Fax:23457963 9440816289
Addl. SecretarySmt. Akoijam Soni Bala Devi, IFS040-23450352, 040-23221513
Addl. SecretarySmt. M. Prashanti, IAS040-23450352, 040-23221513
Jt. SecretarySmt. G. Krishnaveni ds.efst.ts@gmail.com040-23450352, 040-23221513 9100955760
Forest Development Corporation
ChairmanNot provided040-23307844, Fax: 23326420
VC & MD (FAC)Dr. G. Chandra Shekar Reddyvcmd.tsfdcl@gmail.com040-23392652, 23395750
General ManagerSri A. Ravinder ReddyNot provided040-23307844
C.G.M.Not provided040-23392776
Genl. Manager (HRD), OSDSri Damodargmhrd.apfdc@yahoo.com040-23395750
Dy. Fin. ControllerSri Kiran KumarNot provided040-23319503, 23307391
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force)
P.C.C.F. (HoFF) & CWLW (HFF)Sri R. M. Dobriyal, IFSdobriyalrm@gmail.com040-23231404, 040-23151271, Fax: 23231851
PCCF (SF)Sri R. M. Dobriyal, IFSdobriyalrm@gmail.com040-23232054, Fax: 23231887, 8330935440
PCCF (Wildlife) & Chief Wildlife WardenSri Lokesh Jayaswal, IFSNot provided040-23231601, Fax: 23231678, 9866265261
PCCF (CAMPA)Not provided040-23231601, Fax: 23231678
PCCF (Haritha Haram)Dr. C. Suvarna, IFSNot provided040-23231601, Fax: 23231678
PCCF (P & Vig) (Admin (I/c))Sri Swargam Srinivas, IFSNot provided040-23231945, 9440816289
APCCF (Dev) (WLR & IT (I/c))Sri M.C. Pargaien, IFSNot provided040-23231538, 9704996164
APCCF (Prod) (WL (I/c))Dr. Sidhanand Kukrety, IFSNot provided040-23240541, 9440810106
Forest Academy
PCCF/Director General, CEFNARMSri Lokesh Jayaswal, IFStsfa.hyd@gmail.com040-29704896
Telangana State Pollution Control Board
ChairmanSmt. A. Santhi Kumari, IAS The Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Govt. of Telangana & Chairman, TSPCB
Member Secretary (FAC)Dr. Jyoti Buddha Prakash,
Chief Environmental EngineerSri B., 9866776707
Pollution Control Appellate Authority
Under Constitution
Environment Protection, Training and Research Institute
Director General (FAC)Smt. A. Vani Prasad, IASdg@eptri.com040-67567504
Centre for Forest and Natural Resource Management Studies (CEFNARM)​
CuratorSri S. Rajashekar, DCFnehruzoopark1@gmail.com040-24477355, 24477004, Fax: 24473253
Nehru Zoological Park
ChairmanSmt. R. Sobha, IFSNot provided040-23410332, 9440810014, Fax: 23231404
Director GeneralSri Lokesh Jayaswal, IFSsecy.cefnarm@gmail.com040-29704896
SecretarySri P. V. Raja RaoNot provided040-29801115, Fax: 23097163
Telangana State Biodiversity Board
SecretarySri Kalicharan S Khartade, IAStelanganabiodiversity@gmail.com040–24602345​​​​ Fax:​​​​24602873​​
Telangana State Council of Science & Technology (TSCOST)
Member Secretary (FAC)Smt. P. Srilakshmi,, 24619675

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