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​​The district was situated between 77° 40' and 78° 37'E , of the eastern longitudes and 18° 05' and 19° N, of northern latitudes. The geographical area of this district is only 7956 sq. km constituting 14.02 percent of the state.

It is also known as Indur. Nizamabad is the current and official name of the district. Nizam + Abad = Nizamabad, Abad means mass of people (Town). The district is bounded on the North by Adilabad district, East by Karimnagar district. South by Medak district, West by Nanded district of Maharashtra & Bidar district of Karnataka.

The district has population of 25, 51,335 as per the 2011 census which accounts for 7.25% of the total population of the State with 8.77 decadal growth.



Nizam Sagar Dam

Nizam Sagar Dam is an Indian dam. It is a reservoir constructed across the Manjira River, a tributary of the Godavari River, between Champed (Nizamabad) and Banjapalle villages of the Nizamabad district in Telangana, India. It is located at about 144 km north-west of Hyderabad.

The masonry dam sprawling across the river for 3 km with a fourteen feet wide motorable road over it. There are excellent boarding and lodging facilities nearby, for tourists.

Before Nizam Sagar was built, the Manjira River was not properly harnessed and little water was being used by diverting water at Ghanpur Anicut for Irrigating about 5,000 acres and an open Channel called Mahaboob Nagar (Right Canal) in Medak District.

The Ghanpur Anicut was the first scheme constructed across Manjira river in 1904 at a cost of Rs.18.00 Lakhs. Some years later, Nawab Ali Nawaj Jung Bahadur as Superintending Engineer added Fatch Nahar (Left canal) to increase the utility of the river later. The ayacut of 17,308 acres was being irrigated under this Ghanpur Anicut which subsequently increased to 30,000 acres as per actuals. Nizam sagar Project is the second irrigation scheme on Manjira river and the largest in the then Hyderabad state taken up during the year 1923 and completed by the year 1931. This Project was originally contemplated for utilization of 58.00 TMC of water to irrigate 2,75,000 acres in Banswada, Bodhan, Nizamabad and Armoor Taluks of Nizamabad District.


Dichpally Ramalayam

Dichpally Ramalayam or Khilla Ramalayam is one of the oldest temples in Nizamabad, Telangana. According to historical sources, it was built in the 14th century by the Kakatiya kings. It is also called Indhoor Khajuraho or Nizamabad Khajuraho.

This temple has 105 steps and a pedestrian subway connecting it to Raghunadha Temple in the Nizamabad urban center. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees on Sri Rama Navami day (the ninth day of the month of Chaitra). It is located 10 KM away from Nizamabad district, Telangana.

AreaIn '000 Sq. Km8Census 2011
PopulationIn Persons25,51,335Census 2011
MaleIn Persons12,50,641Census 2011
FemaleIn Persons13,00,694Census 2011
UrbanIn Persons5,88,372Census 2011
RuralIn Persons19,62,963Census 2011
Population Growth (decadal)%8.77Census 2011
Population Density (Person/Sq.Km)Ratio321Census 2011
Literacy%61.25Census 2011
Male%71.47Census 2011
Female%51.54Census 2011
Urbanisation%23.061338Census 2011
Workers as % of total population%54.26Census 2011
Workers % of main Workers%43.5Census 2011
Household industries%8.99Census 2011
Area under Food & Non-Food cropsArea in Hectares5,33,119Statistical Year Book-2013
Mining & Quarrying (Coal - Top)Qty in tonnes79338Statistical Year Book-2013
Forest Area under the control of Forest DepartmentArea in SQ.Kms1812.00Statistical Year Book-2013
Gross irrigated area as % of gross cropped area%64.04Statistical Year Book-2013
Road Length per 100 Sq.km65.760033Statistical Year Book-2013
Post offices per 100,000 personsRatio18.852875Statistical Year Book-2013
Bank branches per 100,000 personsRatio9.5636206Statistical Year Book-2013
Population per bankIn Thousands10.63Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank depositsRs. In Crores18542.057Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank creditIn Rs.19775.921Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to agricultureIn Rs.53.62747Statistical Year Book-2013
Per ha. bank credit to agricultureIn Rs.25.664371Statistical Year Book-2013
Per capita bank credit to IndustriesIn Rs.15.914727Statistical Year Book-2013
Rice192960736189Statistical Year Book-2013
Maize94834505743Statistical Year Book-2013
Soyabeen83432174456Statistical Year Book-2013
Bengalgram2969947340Statistical Year Book-2013
Total cotton2049845940Statistical Year Book-2013
Greengram1198610573Statistical Year Book-2013
Turmeric1155765505Statistical Year Book-2013
Black gram1147510909Statistical Year Book-2013
Laterite79,3384,905Statistical Year Book-2013
Feldspar22,0095,601Statistical Year Book-2013
Sri A. Ravinder Reddy (FAC)Collector & District
Sri A. Ravinder ReddyJoint
Sri P. Viswaprasad, IPSSuperintendent of
Sri Y. Gangadhar, IPSD.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of
Sri KarthikeyaCommissioner of